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REPORT ON SPRING FLOWER TOUR (Lockdown State 2) We had a small tour up the West Coast from Monday 31st August to Friday 4thContinue Reading
REPORT: MYSTERY VENUE TOUR 29th February 2020 (Planned for 8th December 2019) Our Mystery trip always takes place on a SundayContinue Reading
2019 SPRING FLOWER TOUR REPORT 2nd – 6th September 2019 The 2nd September dawned with a lovely clear sky and 13 excitedContinue Reading
MEMORIES OF  THE EXPLORERS WORLD TRAVEL (EWT) TOUR 26th -30th August 2019 Great excitement, Traveltime’s first internationalContinue Reading
Annual Flower Spectacular Postberg Flower Reserve West Coast National Park 24th August 2019 First pickup was in Constantia atContinue Reading
TRIP REPORT Our group of five lady friends are back home after a long weekend spent together on the Ceres Rail Red DevilContinue Reading
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