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TOUR REPORT The drought in the Western Cape has had everyone worried – people have been negative about the flower season –Continue Reading
REPORT ON TOUR TO SPRINGBOK 17th – 22nd August 2017 You start a flower tour with high expectation and experience has itContinue Reading
TOUR REPORT: SUTHERLAND SHORT BREAK 27- 29 May 2017 Sutherland lies just 350km from Cape Town – it is the coldest town in theContinue Reading
Tour Report 7th-12th May 2017 Sunday saw 12 passengers eagerly gathering for their flight at 11:15 from Cape TownContinue Reading
TOUR REPORT Put 14 people in a coach and head out of Cape Town to celebrate the end of the year; couple this with everyoneContinue Reading
TOUR REPORT What happens when you put 45 people on a coach and head into the blue yonder on a Mystery Tour? First off youContinue Reading