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OUTING REPORT Planning for our day started when dam levels were critically low – since then the Western Cape has had goodContinue Reading
OUTING REPORT Time Out is 18: Celebration held at Atlantic Beach Country Club / Thursday 26th July 2018 (239 trips with 6519Continue Reading
OUTING REPORT My goodness half of the year has already slipped by and we are heading towards the second part of 2018! WinterContinue Reading
REPORT ON TRIP TO PATERNOSTER Thursday 31st  May, 2018 The Merry Month of May is what it is called, and no-one could disputeContinue Reading
OUTING REPORT The day before Easter and the coach rolled out of the city with 24 on board all heading to Franschhoek. ArrivalContinue Reading
OUTING REPORT End of February and temperatures predicted for the day were mid 30’s.  As we all got off the coach at Spier inContinue Reading