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Outing Report If you GOOGLE “Kokomo” this is what comes up – “Kokomo” is a song written by John Phillips, ScottContinue Reading
OUTING REPORT A day in Elgin at the Rojaal Tearoom Our day in Elgin started off with rain in Cape Town and reports of more inContinue Reading
Outing Report “Change is as good as a holiday” – or so the saying goes.  Today the change was that we went straight to lunchContinue Reading
OUTING REPORT The last day of winter – tomorrow is officially the Start of Spring!  Wow, waiting for the coach to arrive inContinue Reading
REPORT TIME OUT 17th ANNIVERSARY LUNCH 27TH JULY, 2017 LONGRIDGE RESTAURANT The day dawned very cold – my goodness must stillContinue Reading
OUTING REPORT Mid-winter has its problems –  Flu, Bronchitis seems to be plaguing many people – not least of all theContinue Reading